weekly workouts – 9/30


the sofie shakes


barre3 60min, yoga 30min, treadmill hiking* 45min, stationary bike 15min 


Unintended rest day (just dog walking)


run 35min, barre3 60min, yoga 45min


walk 45min, yoga 25min, weightlifting 40min 


run 45min, barre3 40min, treadmill hiking 20min, stationary bike 20min


treadmill hiking 20min, stationary bike 20min, yoga 25min, run 45min


treadmill hiking 20min, stationary bike 20min (clearly need to switch this gym routine up…), barre3 60min, free weights 30min, yoga 45min

*treadmill hiking is my version of hiking indoors. I usually do a 15% incline at 2.3-2.5 mph. I like to run outside right now before it gets so cold, then I might continue running on the treadmill during winter

As far as eating goes, I’ve been sticking to 2-3 meals per day (skipped lunch on Monday and Tuesday because it’s way too complicated to eat while dog walking during the day, so I had an early dinner instead). I was eating beef jerky for breakfast (Krave & Slant Shack are my favorites), chicken soup & salad for lunch, and then for dinner, either more soup or baked chicken with veggies. Or my sister’s ratatouille, along with a little protein on the side (a chicken sausage or such). We have a ton of apples from apple picking, I’ve been having one apple a day, and then some days, treat myself to frozen grapes or strawberries. But mostly I’m trying to stay away from consuming too much fruit/sugars, because if I eat too much, I notice myself wanting more sugar (chocolate, candy…) and that’s not good for me right now.

I’ve been eating really clean for a couple weeks now, and it’s actually amazing – I have little to no cravings for anything. I really think sticking to a basic, clean diet, has just made me want only un-processed foods. Pretty cool. I don’t even feel like my willpower is ever being tested. When giving the opportunity to eat something clean as opposed to something not-so-much, it’s become a no-brainer for me because of how great I feel after a day of eating just meat, veggies, the occasional fruit, some nuts (and coffee obvi). Tonight was the first time in a minute i’ve had something crazy. Two hard ciders and sweet potato fries from Yard House that came with an out-of-this-world dipping sauce – maple bacon cream. It was the perfect lil late night bite.


(image – http://aht.seriouseats.com)

This was the perfect amount of “cheat” for me. When I go to town on treats, it makes me feel sick because I haven’t been used to eating like that for awhile. I’ve found my body/stomach responds fast to super clean eating – I stayed away from gluten for a few weeks during the summer, then one night proceeded to consume glutenny/grainy treats and….. oy……


Also, I’m taking an iron supplement every other day, as well as Chromium Picolinate as I read about in Practical Paleo. I keep forgetting to take measurements and it’s been almost two weeks (9/23) since I’ve been enforcing my plan – so, not good. But hopefully I’ll get around to it sooner rather than later, and also hope to see a change in pictures! Such a huge motivator for me. That’s it for now!



workouts i’m lovin

yoga: currently anything by Erin Motz. I’ve been doing her 30 day yoga challenge for the past few weeks and I’ve fallen in love with her style of teaching. Her videos are so relaxing and she has you hold poses for just the right amount, like she’s reading my mind. They’re very restorative also. She does yoga for the neck/upper back (stretches in that video have practically saved my life…) and yoga for the IT bands, which feels awesome as well, especially if you’re a runner. For a person who hasn’t done yoga in awhile, it’s also a relief to not feel pressured into turning myself into a pretzel to get a good stretch. So she is very beginner friendly and her videos are so very meditative. Love, love, love!

Since I couldn’t find it on erinmotz.com or doyouyoga.com, this is the link to the challenge that was uploaded to Youtube:



(image – http://www.erinmotz.com)

barre3: I have done most of the videos online, and even though I have my favorites, I can’t say there’s one class I have disliked/felt like I didn’t get enough bang for my buck. They’re just soooo good. So good I could do it every day (side note, I know since it’s pretty low-impact, it’s supposed to be safe to do back-to-back, but I’m a little paranoid of getting injured from overdoing it, and I personally think when you do the same exercise all the time – too much maybe – it can set you up for injury and I’m just really not willing to risk it, hence my all-over-the-place workout routine). At any rate, Barre3 has been a godsend and I feel my body changing even though I’ve only been 10 days in. I can’t wait to do some progress updates…


(image – http://www.barre3.com)

weightlifting: I’ll admit, tonight was the first time in a damn long time I have picked up a weight. I do love lifting (nothing too intense – just free weights) but for some reason, we’ve drifted apart the last few months… I used to love creating circuits – hopefully I can find where I’ve tucked them away, that would be fun – but the below one is from Self magazine several years ago, but it’s just really good and fun and when I couldn’t think of things to do with weights, I would do this circuit and change things up a bit or add some things on so my body didn’t get used to it. I love it because they’re all combo total body moves. Working out specific body parts has never been my thing, so I like workouts that target the whole body (yoga, barre, weights…)



(image – http://www.self.com)

running: I haven’t been following any running workouts per say – my main goal in running has been to just not die for the past few weeks while I’ve been able to get back into it more regularly. Trail running is my absolute favorite because it’s fun and doesn’t hurt my feet/knees as much when I have to run on the road. And cause it’s so scenic, especially this time of year (Horn Pond in Woburn, MA pictured below). Running really does always help my body transform, so I just have to be good about sticking to it (not overdoing it) to see the change I want to see. And also, must keep remembering to tape up my toes so my feet don’t become too atrocious looking…(I have invested too much moolah into nail polish!!)


let us begin…

So one of the reasons, if not the main reason at the moment, I am here, is to hold myself publicly accountable towards my goal of getting healthy in order to get my PCOS under control, and just to gain a greater sense of self confidence overall. I would say the last couple years have been some of my most unhealthy. Absolutely no excuses here, but I feel my PCOS makes it doubly hard for me to see any type of changes. I have to workout like a fiend, plus get my eating so SO clean (like, no cheat days – not even cheat meals), to see a difference. And even then, it is a slowww process. That being said (and to prove I can be accountable) it is so difficult to maintain an enthusiasm when it takes weeks, months to see any changes. Therefore, after a couple weeks, I cycle back in to, ‘what the hell, nothing’s working, I might as well eat what I actually want to eat if my body is still going to look the exact same.’ Now, I know that is not true, but mentally, that’s where I’m at. I really want this time to be different though. I know I’m still young, but I’m not teen young anymore, and time is slowly starting to distance it’s self away from my side. The struggle is only going to get harder if I don’t get things under control as soon as possible. That being said, I do have a plan of action, based on some experience I’ve had with succeeding in the past.


My diet will be Primal-based. Meaning moderate protein, lowish carbs, lots of veg, and a little bit of fruit. Gluten-free makes me feel amazing. I miss gluten-containing foods time to time, but it takes having gluten once in awhile to remind me why I should avoid gluten :/

By the way, I have quite a few books on the subject. Best Primal/Paleo intro book is Mark Sisson’s, The Primal Blueprint. I read it over and over again, especially when my enthusiasm is waning. It is so informative. And for someone who isn’t into science so much, it has just the right amount. Best cookbook is Practical Paleo, by Diane Sanfilippo. Sooo many great recipes. Like Sisson’s book, it is also informative in the beginning of the book and it’s also fun to read.

Anyway, besides sticking to a primal way of eating, I plan on eating 2x or ideally 3x a day. I am sure the 759230 small meals a day work for some people, not knocking it, but I never feel full eating that way. And I actually don’t want to eat all day anyhow…

I’m not currently going through an egg phase, but when I do, I plan on eating eggs for breakfast (something like one whole egg and a couple tablespoons of egg whites) with pesto, or salsa. Right now, I’ve been having Krave jerky for breakfast. Lunch will look like an apple beforehand if I’m feeling it, and chicken soup or a salad with chicken for my main. Dinner will be the standard meat (lean red or poultry again) with roasted veg, or maybe just some olives or other fat. I will aim to stay away from dairy for the most part. What I won’t give up is cream/whole milk in my iced coffee, and then alcohol 1x a week, or every other week. Sugar only in my iced coffee (six month anniversary of being Splenda-free!) I don’t plan to derail from the plan other than the above non-negotiables, except for the once in a blue moon soy latte from Starbucks.


I very recently subscribed to the Barre3 online workouts. I am obsessed. They’re amazing. My body has never felt better working out and the workouts themselves, albeit killer, make me feel so Zen and my body does not feel stressed out at all. That is the thing I love about the idea of primal living. I think going too hard with your workouts makes the body feel stressed out and I definitely feel like all they do is make me hungry. So the loosely strategized plan here would be to aim for at least five hours of Barre3 each week, along with almost daily yoga (Erin Motz is such a cool cat – her yoga is amazing), daily cardio (be it walking dogs plus a run, the stationary bike or hiking on the treadmill at 15% for an hour), with the occasional sprint session and free weights thrown in. That probably sounds like a lot, but as mentioned previously, I do have to do a lot of working out to see a change. Diet is not enough for my body to let go of fat. I love exercising, but if I’m really not feeling it, I never force myself through a workout, because I think that puts stress on the body/mind as well, and my body definitely does not respond well to stress.

Well I think that will do it for now. I plan to post weekly recaps of my eats & workouts. Stay tuned!

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