delectable dishes 2 (via the interwebz…i can’t cook for sh*t)

I have some really amazing recipes from across the internet to share with you guys this week. I am most delighted to say that along with the cooler temps, and some intense recipe searching, I have a new found love (and skill? debatable maybe…) for cooking. Not exactly recipe creating, but I have gotten quite good at not totally failing when following recipes! The new me perhaps?

Without further ado, and in no particular order, (the order actually doesn’t even make sense) please see the below DELECTABLE dishes i’ve rounded up for this week…


paleo pumpkin bars – Elana’s Pantry


(image found here)

PUMPKIN. Just bought my first cans of the season from Trader Joe’s (who has ALLLL the pumpkin things by the way). I was going to start hoarding in September, but then I also reminded myself that a pumpkin burnout would be imminent if I attempted to keep that pace up for approximately 12 weeks)

creamy tahini dressing – Detoxinista


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I’ve been meaning to do something with tahini I picked up a while ago. This is a great homemade option for a dressing!

banana walnut grain-free granola – Urban Poser


(image found here)

Banana walnut – a most appetizing marriage of flavors indeed… Again, one of those “treats” I must try to put a limit on. Try. I said try.

buffalo chicken mini meatloaf – PaleOMG


(image found here)

Not that this is brand new information, but this girl can cook. Totally impressive.

buffalo chicken egg muffins – Balanced Bites


(image found here)

Continuing with an apparent buffalo flavor pattern, I love egg muffins! So convenient and so filling, especially with the addred protein from the chicken

coconut butter bark – Edible Perspective


(image found here)

Love the bark variations she demonstrates. I always get carried away with bark though, so I stick to making half the recipe, which I’m able to spread out over a couple weeks days.

stuffed spaghetti squash – The Cavegirl Dish


(image found here)

Moving back to ‘savory’… Spaghetti squash has been a favorite of mine for years…have yet to meet a spaghetti squash I didn’t like in fact. I totally made this and proceeded to have it for dinner, breakfast, then lunch. Then I ran out. I stirred ground Bison into the sauce, and then, I went for a “four-cheese’ type flavor (a la Cheesecake Factory’s Four Cheese Pasta Dish OMG) and stirred a little whole milk ricotta up in there, and sprinkled a little parm cheese on top. So much cheese, so much dairy, but it was definitely more of a treat. Next time I’ll make it, I’ll only add in a spoonful of ricotta. Maybe a few spoons – tablespoons. Then just a sprinkle of the mozz. And the slightest touch of parm cheese you ever have seen. A kiss of parm if you will.

no-bake peppermint patty bars – Oh She Glows


(image found here)

Adore all of Oh She Glows recipes. I’m not vegan, but I do like the fact that most of her receipes are dairy/gluten/grain free. And delicious!

rachel’s all american meat lover’s chili – Everyday Paleo


(image found here)

I always want chili when I go out to eat, but they always seem to include beans. I don’t care too much for beans, save for the occasional taste of roasted red pepper hummus (must find paleo hummus recipe…) This recipe looks so filling and delightful.

primal meals in 15 minutes or less – Mark’s Daily Apple


(image found here)

Okay. Great little recipe roundup here – all look amazing, especially the smoothie (pictured)

chicken with cauliflower and olives – Elana’s Pantry 


(image found here)

My go-to meal with chicken has been, since the summer, baking either chicken thighs or skinless chicken breasts, along with sliced Roma tomatoes (less juicy than plum, heirloom, yellow…which means great for roasting), olives from the Whole Foods deli bar (kalamata, the black salty pitted ones…), and some balsamic marinated sweet onion slices. Roasted eggplant or roasted green beans on the side. Really really good. Then I found the above recipe on Elena’s site and that’s pretty close to what I came up with. Hers being moons better than mine, naturally. But I like her addition of the cauliflower. Roasted cauliflower – actually, any roasted veggie really – is how I prefer my vegetable consumption.

grain-free no-bake cookie dough protein bars – Your Trainer Page

Must try these! Think I will sub cashew butter for the almond butter to give it a more cookie dough taste, and I’ll do the Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips (dairy free)

roasted fall harvest – Multiply Delicious

Really excited I found this website! Has so many tasty looking recipes. I’m planning on making this for my weekend meals, but instead of the pear, I’ll add just another appls, and instead of the brussels (not because I don’t like them, just because I don’t have them) I’ll do roasted broccoli. And either some ground turkey or a chicken breast/sausage for protein.


let us begin…

So one of the reasons, if not the main reason at the moment, I am here, is to hold myself publicly accountable towards my goal of getting healthy in order to get my PCOS under control, and just to gain a greater sense of self confidence overall. I would say the last couple years have been some of my most unhealthy. Absolutely no excuses here, but I feel my PCOS makes it doubly hard for me to see any type of changes. I have to workout like a fiend, plus get my eating so SO clean (like, no cheat days – not even cheat meals), to see a difference. And even then, it is a slowww process. That being said (and to prove I can be accountable) it is so difficult to maintain an enthusiasm when it takes weeks, months to see any changes. Therefore, after a couple weeks, I cycle back in to, ‘what the hell, nothing’s working, I might as well eat what I actually want to eat if my body is still going to look the exact same.’ Now, I know that is not true, but mentally, that’s where I’m at. I really want this time to be different though. I know I’m still young, but I’m not teen young anymore, and time is slowly starting to distance it’s self away from my side. The struggle is only going to get harder if I don’t get things under control as soon as possible. That being said, I do have a plan of action, based on some experience I’ve had with succeeding in the past.


My diet will be Primal-based. Meaning moderate protein, lowish carbs, lots of veg, and a little bit of fruit. Gluten-free makes me feel amazing. I miss gluten-containing foods time to time, but it takes having gluten once in awhile to remind me why I should avoid gluten :/

By the way, I have quite a few books on the subject. Best Primal/Paleo intro book is Mark Sisson’s, The Primal Blueprint. I read it over and over again, especially when my enthusiasm is waning. It is so informative. And for someone who isn’t into science so much, it has just the right amount. Best cookbook is Practical Paleo, by Diane Sanfilippo. Sooo many great recipes. Like Sisson’s book, it is also informative in the beginning of the book and it’s also fun to read.

Anyway, besides sticking to a primal way of eating, I plan on eating 2x or ideally 3x a day. I am sure the 759230 small meals a day work for some people, not knocking it, but I never feel full eating that way. And I actually don’t want to eat all day anyhow…

I’m not currently going through an egg phase, but when I do, I plan on eating eggs for breakfast (something like one whole egg and a couple tablespoons of egg whites) with pesto, or salsa. Right now, I’ve been having Krave jerky for breakfast. Lunch will look like an apple beforehand if I’m feeling it, and chicken soup or a salad with chicken for my main. Dinner will be the standard meat (lean red or poultry again) with roasted veg, or maybe just some olives or other fat. I will aim to stay away from dairy for the most part. What I won’t give up is cream/whole milk in my iced coffee, and then alcohol 1x a week, or every other week. Sugar only in my iced coffee (six month anniversary of being Splenda-free!) I don’t plan to derail from the plan other than the above non-negotiables, except for the once in a blue moon soy latte from Starbucks.


I very recently subscribed to the Barre3 online workouts. I am obsessed. They’re amazing. My body has never felt better working out and the workouts themselves, albeit killer, make me feel so Zen and my body does not feel stressed out at all. That is the thing I love about the idea of primal living. I think going too hard with your workouts makes the body feel stressed out and I definitely feel like all they do is make me hungry. So the loosely strategized plan here would be to aim for at least five hours of Barre3 each week, along with almost daily yoga (Erin Motz is such a cool cat – her yoga is amazing), daily cardio (be it walking dogs plus a run, the stationary bike or hiking on the treadmill at 15% for an hour), with the occasional sprint session and free weights thrown in. That probably sounds like a lot, but as mentioned previously, I do have to do a lot of working out to see a change. Diet is not enough for my body to let go of fat. I love exercising, but if I’m really not feeling it, I never force myself through a workout, because I think that puts stress on the body/mind as well, and my body definitely does not respond well to stress.

Well I think that will do it for now. I plan to post weekly recaps of my eats & workouts. Stay tuned!

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